Welcome to TL2! We are a boutique woman owned Bay Area based consulting firm providing outsourced accounting services. We focus on helping clients with their bookkeeping, accounting manager, controller, and CFO needs. Founded by Sherlice Theroux and Amy Lee in 2018, we provide our clients with hands on accounting and business advisory services. Together Sherlice and Amy have over 25 years of accounting and client service. We believe the accounting industry in the past has been a very historical, backwards viewing industry. Always relying on financials that are at least two weeks old. We believe in helping our clients become forward facing and we use cloud-based tools to allow our clients to look ahead as opposed to behind. There is a reason why the windshield in a car is larger than the rear-view mirror.

Why the name TL2? Prior to founding TL2, Amy and Sherlice previously worked together. They both jumped at the idea of working together in their own firm and TL2 stands for Theroux and Lee version 2. Each new version is a better experience!

We are different !

We are not the typical bookkeeping firm, we like to consider ourselves unique because of our “ABC’s”-

  • A – Accountability. Be accountable to yourself, your team members, and clients. Be honest.
  • B – Bring it! Everyday!
  • C – Continuous improvement and compassion for our work.
  • D – Dedication to our clients and team members.
  • E – Excellence. We deliver high quality work whether it’s in our finished product to clients, internal workpapers or emails.

What is our reward?


We find JOY in helping YOU

Amy and Sherlice are both working mothers who love to help small business, in particular family owned businesses. Our biggest job satisfaction is helping our clients’ businesses succeed. Your journey is our reward.



By utilizing cloud-based tools we can work anywhere! Whether it be your office, our office, the side of the soccer field, or at 30,000 ft.