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Amy Lee


Amy co-founded TL2 after spending 20 years in public accounting where she gained a detailed understanding of outsourced accounting, payroll accounting and tax preparation from the ground up. Amy jokingly laughs that she has closed almost 5,000 sets of books and has processed over 10,000 payrolls. Amy’s experience began as she worked as a bookkeeper to fund her degree from Cal State University Hayward.  After graduating Cal State University Hayward Amy began her career with Beck, Marder and Beck, a boutique Bay Area CPA firm as a staff accountant. During her tenure at Beck, Marder and Beck she become an accountant and tax preparer. After merging with DZH Phillips, she rose to a manager position in the outsourced accounting department.

Amy immigrated to the United States from Hong Kong.  Amy states “my parents decided to come to the US to give my brothers and me a better future. There were definitely difficult times, as such working hard was a requirement. I am grateful for the opportunity to be in the US so I at least owe it to my parents and America to pursue my dreams.”

When asked why she wanted to co-found TL2 with Sherlice Theroux she says “several reasons. First it was a chance to work Sherlice again, we click and I really enjoy working with her. Second it was a chance to return to a smaller firm environment, something that I personally thrive in and where I find a great deal of personal reward. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it was a chance to set an example for my daughters that you can control your destiny and have a vibrant successful career while being a mom and wife.”